The 360 Financed Cycle Mindset

All of your finances work together synergistically creating a circle of power. When you start by getting a grasp on your personal finances, as it relates to budgeting, savings, taxes, and credit, you are then able to progress. The seeds you create with your personal finance, are used to plant and grow through investments, whether your own small business or the stock market. When fully matured, these seeds produce the fruit of your work that you are able to share with others establishing a legacy.

This process is not only a financial life map, but is also used in dealing with your daily finances. For example, as you budget properly, you save and invest more, and you have more to give. A because of the law of giving, the more you give, the more you have to budget, the more you have to save and invest, the more you have to give. This is what we call the 360 Financed Cycle. Each step in the process is connected and is fueled by the others. Once in motion, it becomes self fulfilling. Your financial life is changed!

At 360FinancED, we help you to find your place in this cycle, and coach you in moving from your money managing you to you managing it.




Antonio eubanks, Sr.

FInancial LIFE coach

360FinancED is a passion established by Antonio Eubanks, who admittedly is not a financial guru, however, motivated by life experiences, a life long dedication to learning, and a passion to teach and help others succeed, managed to turn around a life of late payments, repossessions, no savings, and no financial plan.  What he learned studying best practices, as well as good old fashion trial and error, he now shares with the masses.


Having worked for over 20 years in the IT field, Antonio is a stickler for systems and processes and applies that same mindset to finances.  Going by the adage that a SYSTEM Saves You Stress, Time, Energy, Money, he birth 360 FinancED, a financial education and coaching platform designed to help people understand their money.


Also, being a pastor gives him the insight needed to help people walk through the change that they want for their lives.


He is a husband, father, grandfather and a self professed information junkie.



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